Currently, the quality of the products and services offered to end users is the backbone of the competitiveness of any company. For this reason, Eurocir has been certified as compliant with the main quality standards, as part of Eurocir’s competitive strategy and business model. The company complies wih international Quality Standards ISO 9001:2015and IATF 16949.

Furthermore, Eurocir as a worldwide company, counts with two manufacturing sites, which allow us to have a higher throughput and a better service for our customers. Our production plants in China to serve our customers in the Asian continent, while our headquarters situated in Barcelona, serves as a logistical site for our European and South American customers.

Eurocir’s goal is to comply with customer’s requirements and to assure that the company’s manufactured goods meet their needs. To this end, we have provided our logistics center with the means to perform quality controls, in case our customers require it, and a specialized lab in order to guarantee this quality.

The respect and protección for the environment and the safety of our products are key elements for Eurocir. We guarantee the compliance with the REACH and ROHS international regulations.

Finally, Eurocir has been able to sustain leadership in the market through the effort and the commitment of the people who work at our company. And it is for them that the company counts with and follows a Code of Ethics that assures the protection of each and every individual in Eurocir.