The quality of the products and services offered to the final consumer, nowadays, the basis of the competitiveness of the organizations. For this reason, the quality certifications are part of the competitive strategy of Eurocir and its business model. The company complies with the international Quality standards by using certifications ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

In addition, Eurocir as a global company, with two manufacturing sites from the ones that gives service to all over the world. Our factories in China directly serve the asian continent, while the headquarters located in the province of Barcelona, makes logistics center for all of our customers in Europe and South america.

Eurocir aims to comply with the requirements of the client and making sure that all the products manufactured by the company to help meet your needs. With this purpose, we have provided our logistics centre of the ability to establish a quality control, in case that was required by our customers, and a specialized laboratory to ensure our customers the quality required.

Another of the key aspects to Eurocir, it is the respect for the environment, the protection of our environment, and the safety of our products. We guarantee compliance with the regulations of international REACH and ROHS.

And finally, if Eurocir has been able to maintain a leadership position in the market has been thanks to the efforts and commitment of the people working in our company. And it is by them that the company has a code of ethics that ensures the protection of the people.